Katie Crowley


Ph.D | M.Sc. | B.Sc.

Computer Science | Affective Computing | HCI | Human Factors | UX | Wearables | Sensors


Extensive experience as an academic researcher working in multiple Irish universities including Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, and University of Limerick. Experience working in multi-disciplinary teams and with global partners. B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D. Computer Science.


Experience working directly in industry and with industry partners in an academic role. Awarded scholarships and grants to work directly with industry on academic collaborations, including funding from Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland


Consultant and proposal author on European & National funding proposals including AgriTech; AR/VR; 􏰀Automotive; Education; Health & Psychology with Lero, ADAPT & CONFIRM SFI Centres. Open to interdisciplinary consulting roles.

Currently a Senior Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin with the Centre for Innovative Human Systems and the ADAPT SFI Centre. My research interests include affective computing, human-computer interaction; human factors engineering; emotion detection/analysis; bio- signals and biometrics; physiological measurement and digital signal processing.

Previous research focused on the analysis of emotional speech, particularly speech under stress, using psychophysiological HCI methods such as multimodal biometric affective feedback.

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Research Gate. CV available on request.

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  • Senior Research Fellow

    Trinity College Dublin | Centre Innovative Human Systems

  • Lecturer

    University College Cork | Department of Computer Science

  • SFI Principal 􏰀Investigator

    Trinity College Dublin | Logitech

  • Research Fellow

    Trinity College Dublin | Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience

  • Research Project Manager

    University College Cork | School of Applied Psychology

  • Researcher

    University College Cork | Dept. of Computer Science

  • Researcher & Lecturer

    University of Limerick | Electronic & Computer Engineering


  • Ph.D Computer Science

    University College Cork

  • M.Sc. Music Technology

    University of Limerick

  • B.Sc. Computer Science

    University College Cork